For A Friend I Haven’t Met Yet

You press the half empty flute to your pink lips and down the deep red liquid that matches the blood seeping through the holes in the knees of your jeans. As I watch you, you laugh. You never liked to be stared at. The sound that hits my ears is a soft tinkle, that of far off bells in the glowing winter sunset. As we make our way outdoors with our matching red coats and our arms interlocked I watch the snow flutter down around us. The warmth inside us creating an atmosphere of love, laughter, and happiness that others see and envy. The cute old couple sitting on the park bench with their red noses grip each other tightly and smile at our pure joy as we pass them by in a whirlwind of smiles and sparkling eyes. We make it to the warm apartment we own, with the raging fireplace and cozy sofa. Soft music is playing as we take off our coats. Hot chocolate warms our fingers as you pull out a hip flask and turn the coco irish. We dance in our pyjamas before collapsing in a heap of laughter on the couch. The glow of the fire flickers around the room as we peacefully drift off in each others arms.


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