Forget Me Not

“I will always be the younger sister to everyone I find attractive.”

But at this time in our lives, S, do we really need to be anything more?

Maybe we should just focus on having people who love us in that way rather than ruining the friendships we form by searching for something more.

Maybe we should be content with the fact that we are still learning to love ourselves, and basing too much of our happiness on another human being is only going to destroy us again.

Maybe we should focus on creating happiness in this messed up world through our words instead of blow jobs.

Maybe I’m completely wrong. And maybe I’m using ‘us’ too much when I should be using ‘I’.

But I feel like my intense want for a relationship made me temporarily forget to be happy in myself and I feel like I needed to fix that. I think I managed to help myself most when I was telling you what I needed to hear.

Please don’t forget me love, and everything we did for each other.



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